ZANU (PF) leadership greedy: Mugabe

Mugabe has admitted that heavy factionalism is threatening to destroy the former ruling party at the hands of greedy party cadres bent at looting the country’s resources and consolidating personal material gains.


“Leadership is transforming and it is ecoming too materialistic,” lamented Mugabe.

Speaking at the burial of ZANU (PF) deputy secretary for administration Edson Ncube, Mugabe denounced the imposition of candidates in the District Co- ordinating Committee (DCC) elections and called on the electorate to decide their leadership.

“You don’t steal positions. Real leaders do not go to the people and say to them ‘vote for me’ with a loaf of bread. Its bad to do it,” said Mugabe.

“You are not a leader if you go around saying don’t vote for so and so. Kunyora tutsamba (meaning writing letters)imposing candidates. I have in my possession those letters that I have received just now concerning the DCC elections,” he said.

“Pasi nemi!” meaning down with you, declared Mugabe adding that” You are destroying the revolutionary party!”

He said that aspiring leaders should serve the people and let the electorate decide whether they are worthy of representing them in office or not.

“Lay yourself before the people and do your work. Let the people judge you and if they don’t like you then it is their right,” he said.

He admitted that there have been reports of vote rigging in the recently held DCC elections, while acknowledging that ZANU (PF) leadership consists of liars.

“There are a few leaders like Ncube who was an honest individual, who meant every word he said, who was able to tell the truth and avoid telling lies,” he said.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) hierarchy was conspicuous of its absence despite the announcement that Ncube had been declared a national hero. Mugabe has in the past blasted Tsvangirayi challenging him to build his own heroes’ acre if he felt that the criteria for determining one’s hero status was flawed.

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