Zimbabweans are special

EDITOR - I recently returned from a holiday in Zimbabwe where I experienced first-hand what it is like to be on the other side of the fence being one white in a country where blacks are in the majority. I cannot help with the past but I can and shall help with the future.

Never underestimate the Zimbabwean people – they are loyal and hardworking. Given time and opportunity this country shall once again “be” the Breadbasket of Africa. There is a massive work force right here just waiting to be unleashed. All you Global Companies take note: Deal with these people fairly, honestly and watch out, cos you’ll get back far more than what you thought possible, these guys will go the extra mile.

Zimbabweans I have found, demonstrate qualities rarely experienced in western society. Men and women alike have stopped me on the streets and asked if I had any work for them to do. It’s a long time since this happened to me in Australia.

Would it be possible to find out what is required to get these power units at Hwange back in operation? There is a global market out here and I feel it is possible these units could be fast-tracked back in to operation. If I can be of any possible assistance to Mr Nyanhongo in bringing these Power Gen Units back to life please pass on my details. My background is as an Electrical/Instrumentation Engineer Capital Project. – Eric Jessop, [email protected]

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