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Shelling out for divorce

The world’s oldest animal marriage looks set to have turtley ended after an incredible 115 years when the two Giant Turtles at an Austrian zoo refused to share their cage anymore.

Zoo management have called in animal experts to try and give the pair counselling, feeding them romantic good mood food and trying to get them to join in joint games, but so far without effect.

Zoo boss, Helga Happ, said: “We get the feeling they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore.”

Bibi and Poldihave been a pair since before anyone alive today can remember. They have been together at the Austrian Zoo in Klagenfurt for 36 years and, before that, they lived at Basel Zoo in Switzerland.

Happ added: “They are both 115 years old. They have been together since they were young and grew up together, eventually becoming a pair.

“But for no reason that anyone can discover, they seem to have fallen out; they just can’t stand each other.”

Zoo staff realised the pair had fallen out after Bibi attacked her partner, biting off a chunk of his shell, and then carrying out several further attacks until he was moved to another enclosure.

Although they have no teeth, Giant Turtles have a horn rimmed mouth and powerful jaws that are a potent weapon when they want to cause damage. Each of the 100 kilo animals has the ability to kill the other if they wanted.

Zoo staff have told the experts that nothing has changed in the pair’s routine, but Bibi in particular wanted to have the cage to herself and be a single.

Happ added: “We have staff talking to and trying to engage the two in interacting, and we hope that they might find their harmony again.We were told that it’s very rare that after so many years animals who are a pair will fall apart, but that’s where we are. We hope though we can bring round a reconciliation.”

10 parking tickets in hospital bay

Traffic wardens plastered a kidney transplant patient’s windscreen with 10 parking tickets.

The woman’s car was parked in a hospital disabled bay with her blue badge displayed on the dashboard.

A note was also visible saying she was a patient at the transplant unit at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

She had gone in for treatment after her kidney swap but was kept in for emergency surgery and was unable to move her car from the short-stay bay.

Wardens then began to issue the 10 notices, each with a £30 fine, as the woman remained in hospital to recuperate.

A hospital visitor commented: “Have they considered the effect this is likely to have on someone who has just had a transplant?”

The woman patient, who has not been named, is still recovering in hospital.

Private firm, Vinci Park UK, said: “Our terms and conditions are clearly explained at ticketing machines.We can confirm the parking charge notices have been removed and we’re working to resolve this issue.”

Dead cat turns into helicopter

A Dutch artist has turned his dead cat, Orville, into a helicopter, which he calls the Orvillecopter.

Bart Jansen had his pet stuffed after he was hit by a car before enlisting the help of radio control helicopter flier ArjenBeltman to build the unique machine.

The Orvillecopter, “half cat, half machine”, is now on show at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital.

Jansen said after a period of mourning he decided to pay tribute to Orville, named after the famous aviator, Orville Wright, with the art project.

The Orvillecopter does not fly quite right, but Jansen said he will receive more powerful engines and larger propellers for his birthday, allowing for a more “steady flight”.

He said Orville would soon be “flying with the birds”.

“Oh how he loved birds,” he said. “He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday. So this hopping will soon change into steady flight.”

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