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Teenager inhales fish

Doctors in India have operated to remove a live fish from the lung of a 12-year-old boy.

Anil Barela swallowed the 9cm fish while playing on a riverside with friends in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh State. The Times of India says boys commonly swallow live fish – but this one went down the wrong way and entered the boy’s left lung.Anil soon started feeling short of breath and was x-rayed after the oxygen levels in his blood dropped alarmingly.

Doctors decided on immediate surgery and removed the fish in a 45 minute operation.DrPramodJhawar, chest specialist and bronchoscope expert, said it was the first case of its kind he had come across in 20 years.

“The fish was live and taking its last breath when the bronchoscopy was done, restricting the functioning of both the lungs resulting in low intake of oxygen,” he said.

Couple faces jail over fish prank

A German couple faces jail after they attached a frozen fish to a children’s fishing line as a joke.

Alexander Donninger and his wife Stefanie were accused of poaching after the stunt during a family holiday in the Austrian Tyrol.The couple, who were with their twins Enya and Arthur, aged seven, said they had purchased the £2 frozen trout the previous day.

They say it was already gutted and ready to cook – and that they only attached it to the twins’ fishing line for a bit of fun.But a local who spotted the family at the river at Kufstein called police and they arrested the couple for illegal fishing.

A police spokesman said: “Regardless of whether he had a frozen fish on the line or not it is illegal to have a rod in the water without a licence.”

Donninger, 42, of Kiefersfelden, said: “What really annoyed me was the man who reported this. He came up to me and was talking to me and he knew we were using a frozen fish.

“Because I didn’t have a licence he called police but he didn’t say anything at the time otherwise it could have been speedily settled.”

Cop breaks into house for laundry

A US police officer is accused of breaking into his neighbour’s home to use the washing machine and tumble dryer.

Jason Rocco has been charged with trespassing and criminal mischief after allegedly breaking into a home in Avalon, Pennsylvania, reports WPXI Pittsburgh.

According to police, the owner of the home contacted police after noticing his electric bill was high, despite not having lived in the house for months.

The homeowner told police he walked into his house and heard the dryer running. He found a load of clothes inside, including police and Marine Corps T-shirts.

Investigators believe Rocco broke in through the back of the house. When questioned, he told police the door was already broken and he “just had to do some laundry”.

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