Blackberry Messenger a dream

Zimbabwe is yet to enjoy the benefits of Blackberry Messenger, a modern communication platform that guarantees privacy, as the Postal and

POTRAZ has blocked BBM.
POTRAZ has blocked BBM.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority maintains a ban on the tool.

BlackBerry Messenger service is an instant messaging platform that allows smart phone users to privately exchange messages. However, the government seems reluctant to authorize the platform.

Early last year Econet and Telecel sought approval from the regulatory authority to offer BBM services to their subscribers, but Potraz has not yet given the green light.

As Zimbabwe approaches a possible constitution referendum and general elections, BBM can be used widely by civic society organizations to communicate to grassroots people.

Last year, BBM proved to be a powerful tool when protesters in Egypt used it to pass on information, leading to successful popular rebellions.

If Potraz approves the use of BBM, Zimbabweans stand to catch up with the rest of the world.

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