Boyz Retonaz make waves

This summer the London-based Zimbabwean hip-hop group, Boyz Retonaz, will release a much-anticipated album.

The popular hip hop group Boyz Retonaz.
The popular hip hop group Boyz Retonaz.

The fusion of hip-hop music and Zimbabwe’s two main local languages, Shona and Ndebele, has been making waves in the UK and abroad. Boyz Retonaz is made up of two talented Zimbabwean rap artists, K Slash and Uncle Methaz.

On July 21 the boys will hold their first launch party for their album, Tapinda Tapinda. Other artists performing at the event include: Roby Gee, Shanky, Money Bee and Ogga Kattalog. To add on to the build up, the “Boyz Retonaz” duo will perform at the Dereck Chisora vs. David Haye fight after party on July 14.

Tapinda Tapinda emanated from the project Kuti Zvityise, which features Zimbabwe’s finest hip-hop artist and songwriter Stunner. Other artists on this project include Roby Gee, Jusa Dementor, Uncle Kriss, Tia and Hastings.

“This year the group is on an unstoppable run. Their consistency on the UK entertainment scene has earned them well deserved respect and a huge fan base to the extent that plans are underway for them to tour the United States, Canada and Australia. Also, a project is in progress which will see the group recording with Zimbabwean artists such as Nox Guni and JC from Dangerzone,” said the group’s publicist, AJ.

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