Chinotimba in DCC election scam

Zanu (PF) DCC members here have accused embattled war veteran leader Joseph Chinotimba of being involved in the DCC election rigging scam.


DCC member, Anxious Muzilikazi, said that some of the members who allegedly voted were not present on election day.

Another DCC member who refused to be named told The Zimbabwean that he was in Gweru on the day the elections were held.

“I was out of town that day so I was surprised to hear that I voted,” he said. Sources close to Chinotimba confirmed that he was responsible for the rigging scam. They said he was chasing three absent members in a bid to get affidavits confirming their presence on the day of the elections.

“He came to me last week begging me to write an affidavit to say I was there. I had no option but to write it,” said one member.

When contacted for comment Chinotimba dismissed the claims.

“Your newspaper always writes falsehoods, there is nothing like that,” he said.

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