Chipawo juniors to tour Japan

The Chipawo Harare Junior Theatre Company has been invited to perform at the World Festival of Children’s Performing Arts in Toyama, Japan.

The event will run from 31 July to 5 August 2012 under the theme, ‘We build our future’. The tour aims to promote mutual cultural exchange and friendship among the different groups.

According to Deon Picardo, Chipawo Programmes Officer, about 10 children from different centres are going to the festival.

“The Chipawo Harare Junior Theatre Company is honoured to have been invited to such a big festival,” said Deon Picardo.

She added that Chipawo was appealing for donations to enable more children to attend the festival. Chipawo Juniors recently attended a similar festival in Lingen, Germany.They performed a play called Chipo and the Bird, based on the history of Great Zimbabwe.

In Japan, they are expected to perform a play called Sindile, which is an adaptation of the fairytale Cinderella.

Founded in 1989, Chipawo is an arts education trust that that has been involved in bringing together children from all over the country in its performance-related workshops.

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