COPAC stifling CSO activities

COPAC is mainly interested in spending donor funding, a spokesperson from National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations said.

Speaking at a workshop organised by Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association workshop in Harare recently to review the outcomes of the draft constitution, Machinda Marongwe said Civil Society Organisations were failing to access funding from donors because all the focus was on the constitution making process.

“CSOs cannot implement a number of activities in the country because donors are currently giving huge sums of money to COPAC,” he said. “They have invested so much money in the constitution making process and because the process is now at a critical stage where they cannot abandon it, COPAC is taking advantage of this and prolonging coming up with a conclusive draft document.”

Marongwe accused COPAC of gobbling funds meant to finance information gathering to ensure that they come up with a people-driven document.

“Where is the national report and why is COPAC taking forever to avail it to the nation? It is critical that we analyse whether the raw data that they gathered has been incorporated in the draft document so that we are able to present our views before they come up with a conclusive constitutional draft,” he said.

There have been repeated calls for COPAC to speed up the process to enable the country to go for elections, a development that has been met with criticism from the MDC formations.

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