House of Hunger Poetry Slam brought the house down

Harare's Gallery Delta was blazing hot, it hosted Zimbabwe's premiere Poetry event "House of Hunger Poetry Slam'' recently.

Phomolo Flex Sekamotho
Phomolo Flex Sekamotho

The event which was hosted by Pamberi Trust featured guest South African poet Phomolo "Flex" Sekamotho and special appearances from renowned poets Trust "Ticha Muzavazi" Mutekwa, Cynthia "Flaw Child" Marangwanda.

The popular monthly event has grown tremendously over the years; it gives poets a platform to express themselves freely and explicitly through the spoken word and provides a consistent space to horn their skills as well as articulate issues that affect them and society at large.

"It is a very good platform for us upcoming poets to grow and learn as we interact and share ideas with other poets,"said Vocal Da Poet.

Although it is more about taking part than winning, the word smiths came adequately prepared to be heard and compete. More than twenty spoken word artists took part in the event.

Those who attended the poetry slam will agree that the event was a mind blowing experience and showed that the word smith have what it takes to take their act to dizzy heights.

Poets such as So Profound, Cryptic, Village Poet, Nyasha and Guerilla Poet delivered their works with a hip hop influence, while others stick to their traditional Shona styles.

Poet, Roxanne "Xapa" Mathazia dazzled audience with her eloquence and emotion with her poems Migration; I prefer Daises and the comical Borrowed Clothes.

Vocal da Poet wowed the audience with his well thought-provoking poetry Blackness tears and Tribute to a woman.

Uncle Zozorizozo delivered a rib tickling performance with his humorous Shona poems.

Man a Seh was not to be outdone as he put up an enthralling performance with his poems that speak of African consciousness and emancipation.

The Judges, who were chosen from the crowd, hold up their marks for each contestant, the audience had the right to veto their decisions by booing and shouting.

It did not come as a surprise when the judges selected Xapa as the winner .She was clearly at her best. The runners up were young poets So Profound and Vocal da Poet.

Pamberi Trust spokesperson Extra Blessings Kuchera paid homage to the poets for their resilient and their courage ground to make sure Zimbabwe's poetry grows.

"It was unfortunate that we have to move the venue at the last minute but we shall continue supporting poetry in Zimbabwe," said Kuchera.

The "House of Hunger Poetry Slam" has over the past years brought to the fore some of Zimbabwe's finest spoken word poets including Ticha Muzavazi, Godobori , Batsirai Chigama and Comrade Fatso.

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