International Roundups

Land fight

The Ethiopian government has been accused of displacing tens of thousands of people from rural land to make way for a sugar plantation. Human Rights Watch says violence and intimidation has been used by officials to move residents from Heritage-listed Omo Valley.

Singer killed

A Pakistani pop star has been shot dead in a drive-by shooting attack in the country’s north. Ghazala Javed, who made a name for herself by ignoring Taliban orders against music and dancing, was struck by six bullets on Monday. Police are searching for three men.

United voice

United States and Russian presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have called for an end to violence in Syria. The men discussed the bloodshed on the sidelines of the G20 conference in Mexico. Russia has sent warships to protect its naval base in the country.

Greek certainty

World leaders have welcomed the outcome of Greek elections at the weekend which saw pro-bailout and austerity party New Democracy win more seats than any other party. It had pledged to renegotiate parts of the bailout package with the EU and stay in the Euro.

Crown Prince appointed

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has appointed defence minister Prince Salman as his heir. It comes after the shock death of Crown Prince Nayef on Saturday. The 76-year-old Salman is seen as a moderate who will continue social and economic reforms in the Kingdom.

Mid-match assault

Argentinean tennis player David Nalbandian may face criminal charges after he angrily kicked a match official during the final of the prestigious Queen’s Club final in England. He was disqualified and fined about $10,000 but the matter has been referred to police.

Results unknown

Egypt has voted to choose its first freely elected president without incident. However, the results are not expected to be released until later this week. Muslim

Brotherhood says their candidate, Mohammed Mursi, has beaten rival, former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.

Tickets probe

The International Olympic Committee has ordered and immediate investigation into the use of Games tickets given to members. A British newspaper alleges they found evidence of widespread fraud including the selling of tickets, at an inflated price, on the black market.

Final frontier

China has sent its first female astronaut into space. Liu Yang, 33, was a member of the fourth manned Chinese launch and will be responsible for conducting various scientific and medical experiments during the trip. The mission will focus on docking manoeuvres.

Deadly blasts

Islamist group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the bombing of three Christian churches in Nigeria on Sunday. The Red Cross says 50 people were killed and more than 130 were injured. The group says they are revenge for attacks on Muslims.

Dispute at an end?

Filipino forces have retreated from a disputed area of the South China Sea after two-month long stand-off with China. The departure came as a tropical storm headed in the direction of ships in the tense region. However, it is unclear with there are plans for the ships to return.

Trafficking denied

A retired Colombian general, who was once part of the country’s presidential security detail, denies he was involved with a drug trafficking ring accused of importing narcotics into North America. Mauricio Santoyo has been indicted on conspiracy charges by a US court.

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