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Jubilee disappointment

Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, 86, have been overshadowed by Prince Philip’s admission to hospital for observation on Monday. The 91-year-old missed the final two days of jubilee celebrations.

Crash investigation

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has announced a full inquiry into a commercial plane crash on Monday that killed more than 150 in Lagos. The jet plunged into buildings. The pilots reported engine failure before the crash.

Killer found

A Canadian man wanted over the murder and dismembering his lover has been arrested in Berlin after an international manhunt. Sex worker Luka Magnotta is accused of sending his former boyfriend’s body parts to government offices.

Clinic killings

Gunmen in Mexico have killed 11 people in an attack on a drug rehabilitation centre in Torreon in the country’s north on Sunday. Drug clinics are often targetted by drug cartels. It comes 12 months after a similar attack in the same city.

Violence denied

Embattled Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has denied his government had any involvement in the Houla massacre last week, in a speech to parliament. It was met with global condemnation. He said the country was under attack by foreign powers.

Gun ban

Venezuela has introduced a new gun law banning private gun and ammunition ownership. Military, police and security companies will only be allowed to buy arms from the government.

It is designed to cut crime ahead of October’s elections.

Massacre anniversary

Crowds have gathered in Hong Kong to mark 23 years since the Chinese government’s bloody crackdown on protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. The massacre is not acknowledged in mainland China and there is no official death toll.

Sarin attack arrest

Japanese authorities have arrested another member of the doomsday cult that launched a nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995. The woman was one of two still at large. About 200 have been convicted of the attack that killed 13 people.

President jailed

Massive street protests followed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarack’s jailing for conspiring to kill dissidents. Demonstrators called for him to be put to death. There was also outrage his two sons were acquitted of murder charges.

Terrorists jailed

Four men – three Swedes and a Tunisian – have been jailed for 12 years in Denmark after they were found guilty of plotting an attack on a newspaper office. The men had wanted to kill people in revenge for the 2005 printing of cartoons of Mohammed.

Airport recaptured

Libyan authorities have deployed 5,000 troops to Tripoli airport to regain control after 30 militia stormed the facility on Monday. The militia took control of the terminals and lit fires on the runway, demanding the release of a jailed rebel.

Back behind bars

George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering an African American teenager as he walked home from the shops, has returned to jail after a judge revoked his bail. He was found to have lied to the court in the initial bail hearing.

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