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Elections this year are possible

EDITOR – Elections this year are possible – if only President Mugabe would swallow his pride, accept that his supporters are violent, order Chihuri to arrest all the perpetrators of violence, instruct his officials involved in the

Parliamentary Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) to behave reasonably, and admit that the country has no budget for the elections. There are many countries and organisations interested in sponsoring the process, in return for being allowed to observe the process.

Recent reports from Mudzi, Epworth and other places, and the walk-out by Mugabe’s representative from a COPAC meeting are the very things that will delay the process and deny him his death wish to contest presidential elections one more time.

The Mudzi case should be used as evidence of what Zanu (PF) has been doing and denying all along – killing innocent people who express their constitutional right to belong to a party of their choice, and destroying the evidence. It must have been Katsande or Newton Kachepa’s idea to throw the body of Sekuru Magura by the road side and claim he fell off a moving car.

That could explain why even the Zanu (PF) official in the Jomic team that first visited the area insisted on the same position. Had it not been for the postmortem report, the young boy who witnessed it could easily have been dismissed as a liar, or bribed to change his story. All those involved in trying to mislead the world about the manner in which Magura was murdered must be arrested for obstructing the course of justice.

SADC and the other players in government have already ruled out the possibility of Mugabe unilaterally declaring elections without the necessary reforms, which include a new people-driven constitution, so he should make it crystal clear to his representatives that their continued nonsensical behaviour is only helping throw away his last chance to contest elections.

If they really respect him, they should play ball and agree to the reasonable positions that have already been agreed to Morgan Tsvangirai, Arthur Mutambara and Welshman Ncube will not allow Mugabe to declare an election without a new constitution, never, so the ball is in the court of those who want the elections this year to stick to constitutional positions that have already been agreed, and respect the wishes of the people regarding devolution, Diaspora votes, the National Prosecuting Authority, the Constitutional Court and Truth and Reconciliation. – Benjamin Chitate, New Zealand

Not smart – just greedy

EDITOR – I felt motivated to respond to “what do you say to polarisation in Zimbabwe”. First, we need to understand who we are and our history over the recent 500 years. Our origin from out of Africa indicates that we are highly enterprising. We displaced others and claimed the country as our own successfully.

We are experts in both building and destruction in the quest to seek relevance, wealth and power. As a result we end up being victims of our own schemes so well demonstrated in our politics. In the end we are not that smart nor pragmatic.

As a result there is continuous strife, disruption of meaningful progress and lack of bread and butter needs for the majority. The consequences are misrule and all the negatives that go with it. This humble observation applies to all of us! It’s time we faced the truth. We are a small richly resourced nation, best loved by God – but we have a few selfish individuals determined to destroy the dream of the majority. That is not politics, it’s a crime of untold proportions! In Zimbabwe there are no hardliners, but only schemers for self-enrichment. – Hilda Matarira, by email

Hwange joint venture would benefit all

EDITOR – No-one should be allowed to mine in the Gwayi Conservancy (See The Zimbabwean May 30, 2012 “Mining activities threaten conservancy”). It forms an important buffer for Hwange wildlife as well as a wildlife corridor between the park and the surrounding conservancies and hunting concession areas. There are existing coal mines in the region operated by the Hwange Colliery Company.

Instead, I would like to see a joint venture between the Chinese and the Hwange Colliery Company. HCC could sell coal (that they already have mining leases for) to the Chinese at a discounted price. In return, the Chinese could help build a renewable energy business that would benefit all Zimbabweans and reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It is possible to retrofit existing coal-powered stations so that energy generated through solar thermal technology can use the existing distribution infrastructure. In essence, solar energy is concentrated by mirrors (e.g. fresnal reflectors) and used to heat water.

Steam lines deliver the solar energy to the adjacent coal power plant where existing coal turbines are used to produce electricity. Around 2-2.5 acres of land are needed per megawatt generated.

Hwange, with its high level of solar radiation, would make it an excellent location for such a development. The Chinese could also provide training for Hwange Colliery employees so that the facility could be maintained by locals and existing employees gain valuable up-skilling opportunities so that Zimbabwe can benefit by the renewable energy boom. – Kelley Whitaker, By email

The Two Demons of Mudzi

EDITOR – As a native of one of the most feared Zanu (PF) torturing villages, Mudzi, the horrific murder of Cephas Magura cannot go without my comment. Mudzi has never known any peaceful era dating back to the brutal colonial regime.

Zanu (PF) has only helped to deactivate the inhabitants of Mudzi into a perpetual zone of one party state enriched by the repeated dose of propaganda emanating from a well established syndicate of war vets and the so called “Mujibas” and “Chimbwidos” who are now at the helm of the traditional and political leadership of the area.

The death of Cephas Magura is wake up call to the democratic champions that the democratization struggle is at risk of blockade and it is a reconfirmation that Zanu (PF) is unrepentant and is not anywhere near reviewing its tried and tested demagogic tactic of bloodshed in a bid to coax the electorate into submission.

The cold blood killing of Sekuru Magura is not the first.The memory of Tafadzwa Meza who was shot and killed just a week before June 27, 2008 Presidential run-off and dumped in Nyamanyora near Chimukoko by known Zanu (PF) elements linked to MPs Newton Kachepa and Acquilinah Katsande (Mudzi North & West respectively) who to this date as you read this article are still walking scot free and continue to shed more blood.

Zanu (PF) will not allow these two thugs be arrested because they are helping to maintain the status quo. Both MPs won their Zanu (PF) tickets not on merit but on their expertise to kill. Acquilinah Katsande has never received any elementary education whilst Newton Kachepa did not go beyond Grade 7. What a disgrace that these are the people who are presiding over thousands of lives.

Zanu (PF) Mash-East chairman Ray Kaukonde is concerned about the relevance of these misplaced politicians in his rural home. He is hatching a plan to remove Katsande, Kachepa and Navaya in the next primary parliamentary elections in favor of politburo member Christopher Musa, Mudzi Rural district council chairman Kanjere and business tycoon Chingwena (Mudzi North, South and West respectively).

How long shall we be spectators in the game of our persecution and maiming? Kachepa has vowed to kill and bury anyone who dares to stand in his way. He is even feared by his own party members in the area.

The MDC-T should without delay establish its dominance in Mudzi North – the only constituency in the area where MDC-T councilors have the upper hand. Zanu (PF) is afraid that if this is not stopped by any dirty means possible the MDC-T will make significant in-roads.

George Katsande has been rewarded with a post in the Provincial Youth department and Shepherd Nyakusengwa is now a venomous CIO agent. – NM, Mudzi

MDC should apologise to the Nation

EDITOR – The MDC Formations need to apologise to the Nation for letting us down on the change that we cried loud for in the March 2008 Elections.

I blame their short-sightedness and leadership without a purpose for the split in the party that cost us so dearly. The leadership should have put aside their differences for the sake of Zimbabwe. We supported them through thick and thin since the party’s formation in 2000.

I am yet to see the leadership of opposition parties rising above party politics to call for unity to remove Zanu (PF), the common enemy, from power. Time is not on our side – we must eat humble pie and pull our resources together.

They missed the 2008 opportunity that Zimbabweans gave them. This time, the people will not forgive you and before you know it, all the support you currently enjoy will disappear. We demand proper conditions for a free and fair election and not resemblance of some sort.

The MDCs should engage civic groups as they can play a pivotal role in determining free and fair elections. – Murambatsvina, Jozi

Zuma falling into Mugabe’s ditch

EDITOR – It is shocking that Zuma decided to follow in Mugabe’s footsteps by the introduction of the Secrecy Bill. The world must wake up and campaign against this bill that will destroy the democracy in South Africa. If the world remains silent, history will repeat itself. Zuma has not learnt a lesson from his neighbor. South Africans should campaign tirelessly against the legislation which will open doors to dictatorship. – Farayi Chikowore, South Africa

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