MDC calls for improved car licensing system

The MDC calls on the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) to urgently improve its vehicle registration system for the new computerised vehicle licence discs, as the current system is very chaotic and causing unnecessary delays and expense to the motoring public.

The scrapping of the June 30 deadline by Zinara does not serve any purpose if the motoring public is going to be fined as of Wednesday 6 June by the police.

The new system was introduced last month after Zinara said its parent ministry, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development had lost US$15 million last year alone due to counterfeit discs.

The system however created chaos as the Post Office banking halls’ computerised system being used for the registration encountered serious glitches, making it impossible for all motorists to register their vehicles on time.

The failure by the Post Office to cope proves that not enough preparatory work was done to assess if the system and the Post Office would cope with the workload and set deadlines.

The MDC notes with concern that some of the country’s largest Post Offices are only able to issue less than 100 discs per day.

We call upon Zinara to be organised in order to avoid the kind of chaos that characterised the Post Office banking halls as tempers flared when motorists became impatient after spending up to eight hours queuing for the discs without success.

The MDC urges Zinara to create a form that is user friendly as the current form is long, complicated and cumbersome to fill.

Zinara should be organised and efficient and not punish the people of Zimbabwe for its inefficiencies. In this day of improved information communication technology, the forms should be available online and motorists should be able to do the transactions through the internet which would save precious hours people spend queuing to do a single transaction.

As a party, the MDC welcomes the new vehicle licence disc as it will go a long way in curbing corruption through the production of fake licence discs.

It is with this in mind that we call upon Zinara and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development to ensure that the revenue collected from the motorists is properly accounted for so that it finds its way to the Treasury for the development of the country.

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