Motribe: Social networking for Africa

Motribe is a South African mobile social networking platform that aims to empower groups and companies to set up their own mobile web communities.

Launched in 2010, the founders, NicHaralambous and Vincent Maher, wanted to take advantage of the increasing popularity of mobile internet in regions such as Africa, South East Asia, and South America where most people access the internet via mobile devices. The founders saw an opportunity to use the new connectivity in an innovative way: personalied mobile groups.

Any user can set up a Motribe for their group, be it a business a church, a sports team, a school, or a hobby group. Once set up it is simple to chat, share photos, and coordinate calendars.

Motribe is an attempt to bring the features of social networks like Facebook to the mobile internet, but in a more personalised way. The ability to control aspects ranging from design to content has made Motribe attractive to businesses, and several in South Africa have signed up, including brands such as Guinness and Africa Health Placements.

Registration to the site is free, and when signing up for the service you are immediately presented with a range of personalization options including color styling. Add on functionality – targeted at businesses looking to expand their network – is available for a monthly fee.

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