Shoko Festival “Take over the town”

The Shoko Festival comes to life again and looks even bigger and better than last year. Running from the 18th to the 23rd of September the festival has expanded and will be running for six days as opposed to four days last year. Shoko this year will embrace even more art forms as it becomes a celebration of urban culture. The festival will feature live music, comedy, hip hop, dance music, house, spoken word, dub-step and reggae. The festival will also host workshops and debates keeping with its

The theme this year is “Take Over The Town” as Shoko spreads across the city into the townships. The festival week will see performances in different venues across town including the festival hub, Alliance Francaise, as well as the Book Café, Gallery Delta, Red Bar and a Main Stage in the township of Glen Norah. Artists from South Africa, Botswana, Senegal, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States of America will be participating. More countries are expected to confirm before the end of this month.

Last year running in Harare from the 21st – 24th September, the inaugural Shoko Festival included live concerts, artists’ debates, an international poetry slam, film screenings, live recordings, live graffiti and a conference. The festival succeeded to bring in acts from 8 different countries including headline acts such as Akala (UK), Tumi & the Volume (SA), Hired Gun (USA) and Andreattah Chuma (Botswana).1,200 people visited Shoko over its four day duration. Meanwhile there were over 50 performances and 15 workshops that took place.

Shoko Festival is an initiative of Magamba, Zimbabwe's leading urban culture organisation.

For more information visit:

@ShokoFestival on twitter

Shoko! Festival on Facebook

[email protected]

Attention all Artists!

Shoko Festival Performance Application:

If you are a talented poet, singer, emcee, b-boy, deejay, film maker, producer, or musician and would like to be part of this year’s SHOKO FESTIVAL you can send your applications to [email protected] Include in your application

 A short biography of yourself

 A show of your work i.e any audio/video recording or links to a site where your work can be located

If you are considered a successful applicant we will contact you with the necessary details.

Apply NOW and lets TAKE OVER THE TOWN!

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