Tax accountability critical: Majome

Citizens get away with not paying tax because there is rampant corruption
and gross misuse of public funds, a cabinet minister has said.


Speaking at a Global Power Women’s Summit meeting recently, the Deputy Minister for Women’s Affairs, Gender and
Community Development said the government should be transparent in its use of taxpayers’ money in order to regain citizens’ trust.

“The government should address the legitimate concerns of citizens and it
should be accountable to its people. The people have lost trust in the
government and there is need to demonstrate efficiency in the use of taxpayers’ money,” said Majome.
“The government should plug and seal all corruption loopholes as an
incentive for the informal sector to pay tax.”

Majome said advocacy could improve revenue collection from
the informal sector.

“The current ZIMRA drive is a clear example that it is possible to
appeal to the patriotic conscience of citizens and educate them on the
benefits of paying tax,” she said.

The Director for UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Eastern and Southern
Africa, Professor Sheila Tlou, said the business sector was not engaged
in the development of the health sector, hence the need to tap into
resources from the informal sector.

“The informal sector is critical in improving the health delivery
system of African countries and there is urgent need to get money from this sector,” she said.

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