The culture of violence… a continuing co-nundrum in Zimbabwe's politics

The stoning to death of MDC-T Ward Chairperson Cephas Magura by a ma-rauding group of ZANU PF activists at a MDC rally (sanctioned by the police) at Chimukoko Business Centre in Mudzi on 26 May 2012, should not be treated as an isolated event.

It has to be seen as another node in a continuum of well-documented political violence that has become emblematic of the political cul-ture in Zimbabwe, especially as prac-ticed by ZANU PF. Magura‟s gruesome murder, is one of many such political killings that we have seen over the course of the last 4 years, joining Ton-derai Ndira, Beta Chokururama and many others who were murdered in cold blood for political reasons.

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