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Electricity Shortage Hits Mpilo. Have you been hit by load shedding? How is it affecting your life?

All my electrical gadgets are dead. – Milton (@Molaudzi1)

Western Cape refugee centre office to relocate. What do you think about the move?

Ok if another site in WC. DHA’s proposition to relocate to border area is a mockery of refugee rights. – Everisto Kamera

MDC 29 Trial postponed to tomorrow. What outcome are you hoping for?

The Zimbabwean State must withdraw charges. There is no sense continuing with the farce anymore. – MDC-T South Africa

Welshman Ncube pelted by


Welshman is winning in court and losing supporters! – MDC-T South Africa

Mapeza or Gumbo? Who is your choice to lead the


None of the above. Francis Zvigo

War vets sell

firewood. How would you protect



You know there is a big problem with uneducated & uncaring madalas; they really don’t care about the coming generation. – Lindani Tshuma

Mutambara takes case to Supreme Court. Should he keep fighting or is he just damaging his reputation?

What reputation? – SCOFIELD!!! (@scofield123)

Guseni imhengeramumba – Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Update on Service Delivery – Water and Health. What is the water delivery like in your area?

No water since yesterday. – Kudakyz Muchabaiwa

AU Summit: Malawi stands with Darfur victims. Will they stand with Zimbabwe? What do you think?

It’s very clear that Mai Banda is allergic to dictators, warmongers, bad governance. She will not side with Mugabe. – Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Chief forcing

villagers to pay

defense for Magura killers. What do you say to the chief?

She is the chief thief. There is no leadership in Zanu (PF), Mugage must act on specific incidents not just shout from a podium. – MDC-T South Africa

Evicted farmers feed Zimbabwe from Zambia.

Will our old #SA farmers also do the same for us one day? – Toxi News (@toxinews)

Mutambara hints at March 2013

election, but when do you want an


We need the elections anytime provided the environment is conducive. Guseni can say March 2013, but if there are no democratic reforms then it’s not an election but a bloodbath. – Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Canada withdraws from UN tourism body over Mugabe honour. Do you think Canada was right?

Protesting was the right thing. Nothing bad about the Canadians expressing themselves, but I personally don’t trust these people: they have double standards; they are too racist. Otherwise this withdrawal was motivated by racism and using Mugabe’s human rights record as face powder. – Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Am reading Peter Godwin’s THE FEAR. We still have so much to do to fix our beautiful zim. – Michelle Connor

Much to do. But

Zimbabweans are brave people. Hard, hard work lies ahead.

I agree so much. Our people are the best in the world. Resilient and kind. – Michelle Connor(@ConnorMconnor)

You forgot the best thing about Zimbabweans compared to those in the first world: PERSISTENT. – Jorge Dos Santos

It’s official! How do you feel about

Mutinhiri’s move?

I have a Girls Empowerment Village in Chihota where Tracy comes from. Minus politics I know her to have a big heart for the poor. I am not so sure about her political side at all because the many times I met Tracy she was helping people survive. She is a woman concerned about bread and butter issues more than belonging to any side…polarisation can overlook such great leadership. – Betty Makoni

On a professional note, I first met Tracy at a Council of Social Workers Conference in Harare in 2009 and I always questioned why she was in Zanu (PF). Her speech there, as a Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, was very good both for the social welfare clients and the social workers. She is a good administrator, however, I need to advise her to leave all bad political habits where they belong so that she lasts in MDC. She must not behave like Chaibva, Jonathan and other turncoats. We are very grateful of this Zanu(PF) donation. – Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Seven-year-old boy narrated horror of MDC activist

murder – what does increasing violence mean for elections?

This is unacceptable: he did not murder one man; he mentally murdered many children and vulnerable people. This is what I hate: to lose one life and for anyone to lose one life. There must be a way to account for every citizen who died in Zimbabwe. Someone must be held accountable. This is not good. This is bad. I am a mother and it is hard to bring a child into the world. Why should someone think it is easy to take a life? This is evil. – Betty Makoni

What do you think of the SADC? What are their priorities in your opinion?

SADC need to be fair as they have been in this case. The days of protecting one side of the argument are over. – MDC-T South Africa (@MDCTSA)

ZESA angers Glen Norah residents – do you know anyone that is being bullied by ZESA? Let us know please.

Everyone gets bullied by ZESA; what choice do people there have? Take it or LEAVE! – Jorge Dos Santos (@Jorge_Perth)

US concerned by Mudzi violence – but what should they actually DO?

Do you think the US really care about Zim. No way brother! They having problems protecting their own economy. – Jorge Dos Santos

Will the warriors make the 2014 World Cup? It’s looking dicey…

I doubt it – Promise Proe D Ngobeni

Zimbabwe fans want warriors to put their house in order. What’s next for Zim soccer?

With the attitude being displayed by ZIFA we won’t go anywhere. Dube must be investigated for match fixing…how could he suspend the entire team and the coach prior to a crucial match? This made us lose two crucial games and if that’s not match fixing, you tell me what is. Now we won’t make it to Brazil and we risk not making it to SA too! What’s he still doing in office?

Love Leal Tekwana: Kanganwai Chihozhwa

Latest Constitution Watch – but what has happened to the process? What should the outcome be?

It must not be a negotiated document by power and wealth hungry politicians.The people’s views that were gathered through the outreach meetings must prevail. Short of this we will rally behind Professor Madhuku. – Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Who is to blame for the political violence in


It’s the people of Zimbabwe that are to blame – they put the government in power. – Jorge Dos Santos (@Jorge_Perth)

Good news everyone! The Zimbabwean can today reveal a new addition to our site we have been working on for a while: MIMIBOARDS!

Good show there, keep it up… – MDC-T South Africa

Chipangano for hire…all parties do it: Muchinguri – Do all parties in Zim hire political violence?

Not all political parties do that, but such practices seem to have been mastered by Zanu PF and MDC-T. – Clayton Moyo

Witnesses give conflicting

accounts as Glen View murder trial enters 3rd day – what do you think really happened?

Who knows? – Liz Linsell (@lizlinsell)

Warriors woes mount as they drop places – when will the team turn their game around?

Musona is lacking game time; he must come back to SA or move to Serie A. And we can’t rule out the Asia gate syndrome. – Francis Zvigo

Fears mount of military coup in Zimbabwe. How close to the mark do you think these concerns are?

It has happened already. Rob Mug now salutes the generals and not the other way round. – MDC-T South Africa

Transcript of Tracy Mutinhiri on

Question Time. What do you think about her answers?

There are dark areas in her responses but all in all I still believe this is the beginning of an end for Zanu (PF). – Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Kenyan soap

operas going to the rest of Africa

Africa. Is there a market for this in Zim?

If it’s good! Yeah! How many SA soaps + hollywood movies are on the air? – Marcelene Madzikanda

Sand poaching is devastating the land, how can we prevent these illegal activities?

Empowerment means making choices from a varied list of things and being able to do so with skill and knowledge. Limit sand poaching through the involvement of all stakeholders by registering, training, and monitoring the extraction. – Muda Mudanyanga

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