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Zimbabwe, Zambia To Sign Agreement To Host World Tourism Organisation General Assembly, but is Zimbabwe a World of Wonders?

MDC-T South Africa (@MDCTSA): We are always wondering how we got here in the first place.

Zimbabwe recovers 50 elephant tusks, poacher killed in clashes with rangers. What do you think of poaching in Zim?

Michelle Connor (@ConnorMconnor): Poaching in zim is rampant. We need stricter measures to control. More manpower in nat parks needed.

Ian Shoebotham (@ianshoebotham): well done to authorities on intercepting ivory smugglers!

Sudan Wants

Zimbabwe To Mediate – but should it? Let us know your thoughts on the conflict and Zim’s role.

MDC-T South Africa (@MDCTSA): Who would mediate, hope not an 88 year old man who sleeps halfway thru all meetings with a party ridden by internal strife

BBC music presenter holed up

Isobel Ballsdon (@isobelballsdon): Dislocated & fractured arm! “he accidentally stumbled in police cells” ?

Mugabe supports Chelsea. What do you think about his choice of team?

MDC-T South Africa (@MDCTSA): Strange given that he had said he will always support a team with the most blacks and he didn’t have a particular team.

TawandaRussell(@rickrusst): I like I like, he knows the winning team, coz he’s the winning team always

Paul (@pmudzengi): what is wrong with supporting a football team? The man has a life

UN thinking of removing sanctions. Should sanctions be maintained, removed or suspended?

Isobel Ballsdon(@isobelballsdon): Definitely sanctions should stay

YeelenChiedza Mk Dhumbura: Remvd coz thts z wat is holding us back.

Fredrick Henry: Removed, the whole world is being led by scams after all

Sam Manzvire: We all agree thatwe need our country back and new leadership

Change Zimbabwe (@ResurrectZim): Removed I say.

GivmoreMushuta: Must be removed without conditions.

M Mudanyanga: The government is making much ado about nothing. It has not stopped abusing its citizens through operation restore order, price slash,gukurahundi etc. Reward is for good behaviour and sanctions for bad so that it is not repeated. Muda.

China buying up land all over Africa.Too much hegemony?

Michelle Connor (@ConnorMconnor): Too much. So much for our sovereignty we might as well have Chinese passports. No wonder our economy is dead. MADE IN CHINA!

Obvious Tsoru: They must not allowed bcoz they’re doing nothing for our country.

Should the Chinese be allowed to mine in Zimbabwe’s conservation areas?

AWP Network! (@AfricWomenPower): NO! NO! NO!

Takudzwa Leonard Mathende: Proper mining accompanied by reclamation of land not looting. There is need to evaluate the value of the underlying minerals against the value of the frogs, lizards, birds etc or the revenue they bring ie through tourism.

Michelle Connor (@ConnorMconnor): No they shouldn’t. They are killing and promoting poaching. We do not fly the Chinese flag here. Enuf.

Chemwi N Mutiwanyuka: Ofcourse not. Inoita ‘Conservation area’ pakutii kana zvakadaro?

M Mudanyanga: Conservation areas are delicate like wetlands. The Chinese must stop mining but corrupt and selfish Zimbabwe leaders will shield them. Muda.

Victoria Falls does Zimbabwe proud, but how would you boost tourism in Zim?

Isobel Ballsdon(@isobelballsdon): Vote Mugabe and his undemocratic government out of office & replace it with a law abiding, equality respecting government

Study finds empowering women improves food security. Do you think empowering women threatens men?

Steve Huneke (@SteveHuneke): No. Better #foodsecurity for women = better FS for households = higher productivity and better educational outcomes for ALL.

fielding_kate (@fielding_kate): No. It’s simple: be nice or go hungry.

The Chinese have backed a scheme to help small-scale Zim miners get access to equipment. Does that have your support?

Angela Botha: No get the Chinese out of Africa.

How can we improve journalism in Zimbabwe? All ideas welcome and needed!

Kate Laing (@Kate_Laing): Make use of the @amaBhungane internship

MGCIJ (@amaBhungane): For more details about our internship programme for SADC journos, see We have not yet had any Zimbos!

Is the ban on GMO flawed science?

Mark Peer: No. The corporations producing GMO seeds are not telling the truth. Bt toxin is implanted in the DNA of each seed and becomes perfectly dispersed throughout every cell in the plant. Bt has been proven to damage animals reproductive systems, liver, kidney and changes the intestinal gut organisms.

By introducing GMO crops into your agriculture you will be put on a never ending treadmill that requires more and more chemical to combat superweeds and superbugs that will appear and prolonged use of chemical requiring GMO crops.

Nature has provided us with ample tools to sustain agriculture by use of natural selection. Education in seed selection methods will substantially improve crops yields while reducing the need to use outside sources for seeds. Groups like ECHO have the expertise and will to help people and farmers who desire sustainable agriculture.

Canada withdraws from UN World Tourism Office over recognition of Mugabe – should they have done so?

Liz Linsell (@lizlinsell): Yes! Most definitely!

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