Zanu PF Invades Epworth

More than 500 Zanu PF supporters invaded Epworth’s ward 1 in the wee hours of Wednesday displacing over 500 households whom they claim to be members of the MDC party.

Zanu PF land grabbers were lead by one Kadumba, Epworth DCC chairperson and Tawanda Mutizwa the ward chairperson, whose political violence history dates back to 2000.

The mob, armed hoes and axes, raised the national flag, chanted Zanu PF slogans and sang revolutionary songs as they partitioned the already occupied land. They dug up and shared sweet potatoes in full view of the crop owners.

On Wednesday, Domboramwari Police managed to disperse the land grabbers who came back on Thursday in large numbers. The police did not intervene as they claimed that the incident was political. Instead they called in The JOMIC area team.

However, JOMIC was booed at and told that all Epworth land belongs to Mugabe and that they have been sent to neutralise MDC dominance in the area. “The situation in Epworth is very tense, remember we are victims of Murambatsvina and now Zanu PF is forcefully taking what is ours,” said Thandiwe Ncube one of the affected MDC member.

She narrated how the Zanu PF looters are demarcating their land leaving space of a meter from their houses adding that if the police were failing to protect them, then where will they turn to.

Zanu PF violence comes barely a week after the departure of U N Human rights commissioner left the country and during Sadc talks in Angola. Last week Chinamasa told Madam Pillay that there was no violence in Zimbabwe.

The people’s struggle for real change – Let’s finish!!!

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