Zim fuss at Zambia House

The Vigil’s Mugabe mask made an appearance outside the Zambian High Commission on Thursday for the sixth round of the monthly Free Zimbabwe Global Protests aimed at pressuring SADC leaders into ensuring democratic reforms in Zimbabwe.

The Vigil’s Mugabe brandishes Sata’s broom.
The Vigil’s Mugabe brandishes Sata’s broom.

Zambia was the target of the ‘21st Movement’ this month because of President Sata’s slavish support for Mugabe shown at the recent SADC meeting in Angola. Mindful of Sata’s past as a sweeper at London’s Victoria station, the Vigil attempted unsuccessfully during Sata’s visit earlier this month to deliver a new broom to him so that he could return to a job for which he was better equipped.

Vigil management team member Fungayi Mabhunu, wearing the Mugabe mask, made another attempt to deliver the broom on Thursday but once again Zambian diplomats spurned the gift and also refused to accept a letter of protest at Sata’s interference in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs. The letter was sent by recorded delivery instead.

The Zambians seemed particularly unnerved by the Mugabe mask (not surprisingly!) and called the police for help. The police explained to them that we were acting within our rights.

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