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Ebola threat

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni says 14 people have been killed by an Ebola outbreak in the country. He has warned the public to minimise personal contact with others to stop the spread of the highly-contagious virus.

Romney’s gaffes

White House hopeful Mitt Romney has wrapped up a controversial first trip abroad as the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee. In London he insulted Britain’s Olympic preparedness, while in Poland unionists protested his workplace policies.

Rapper rapped

American rapper Snoop Dogg has been banned from travelling to Norway for two years. He arrived for a June tour with an amount of cannabis and more than the allowed $10,000 cash. His lawyer said he had no plans to contest the ban.

Deadly train blaze

More than 30 people died after fire ripped through a train in the southern Indian city of Chennai. More than 25 were taken to hospital after the early morning blaze, blamed on a short circuit.

Tension eases

Fiji’s largest neighbours have agreed to re-establish diplomatic ties with the holiday isle. Australia and New Zealand made the announcement after two years of tension as the interim government failed to abide by rule of law and hold elections.

Riot trial starts

Three members of a Russian punk band are on trial for playing a song denigrating president Vladimir Putin. In a case seen as a test of free expression in Russia, the Pussy Riot members face seven years’ jail after being charged with hooliganism.

‘Brainwashing’ plan

Thousands of families and teachers have rallied in Hong Kong to protest a Chinese plan to introduce “patriotism” lessons. Some say it is to brainwash students, but Beijing says it is designed to help those in the Chinese territory feel part of the country.

Batman shooter

James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more when he opened fire in a Colorado cinema last month has been officially charged. The 24-year-old faces a total of 116 charges, including 12 of first degree murder.

Korea flood aid

A United Nations team are visiting North Korea to develop a plan to help the country recover from a devastating flood that killed an estimated 88 people last week. The secretive state has not officially requested aid.

Diplomat’s murder charge

Police in Kenya have arrested a Venezuelan diplomat over the strangling murder of the interim ambassador in the country. Olga Fonseca was found dead in her office on last week. Several staff in the embassy have been charged as accomplices.

Murder claims

Two foreigners travelling the car with two Cuban dissidents when they were killed in an accident deny the car was forced off the road. Supporters of Oswaldo Paya say he was murdered because they have been unable to speak to the passengers.

Death for fraud

Four people have been sentenced to death after being found guilty of Iran’s biggest fraud. An investment company was found to have forged documents which gave them access to $2.6 billion credit. Details of the convicts have not been released.

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