Harare man sells ugly face

Being ugly has never been cool. But for a Harare man it is the only thing that he can be and he is learning how to make money from it.

William Masvinu.
William Masvinu.

William Masvinu (38) is not the kind of person you would want to meet alone in a dark alley. His face is one which only his mother could love. He was recently voted Harare’s ugliest man by a panel of female judges at a Mr Ugly competition and received a $100 note and one-night stay at city hotel as a prize. Although he was not that pleased with the paltry recognition, given that winners in other beauty contestants rake in thousands of dollars and endorsements from companies, he was happy that he was finally attracting some attention.

He has just been enlisted as the face of an insect killing spray and with it comes his first real pay cheque. “I am happy that people are starting to recognise me for who I am and I can live off being ugly,” said Musvinu who is popularly known by his growing legion of fans as “Masvingo”.

He works as a porter and is married with three kids. He said he had now employed a manager to help popularise his ugly face. “Everything you want talk to my manager, I am available to entertain at weddings and parties,” he said.

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