Mabhena dismissed as futile attempts to intimidate and evict him

Kombeni Mabhena, MDC Mberengwa West, Ward 36 chairperson, has dismissed as futile several attempts to intimidate and evict him from the district by Zanu PF’s local leadership in the area.

Mabhena says threats continue to be made against him by known Zanu PF officials, Ranganai Zinhonge, Matibe Mbedzi, Mateo Maphosa and Goka Zhou that he should leave the area because he is spearheading MDC projects.

On 19 June 2012, a team of 10 rowdy Zanu PF thugs led by the four went to his residence and demanded that he surrender his registered gun to them, as no MDC member should own one.

The hooligans threatened to burn it down after Mabhena stood his ground and refused to hand it over. He reported the case at Mberengwa Police station who still claim to be investigating the matter. The police took away the gun and only returned it to him yesterday.

Mabhena whose house was burnt by known Zanu PF members in the run-up to the 27 June 2008 sham presidential run-off said MDC activists in Mberengwa West have grown stronger since the politically-motivated violence that rocked the country in 2008.

He bemoaned the continued partisan distribution of maize saying it was unnecessary to segregate people along partisan lines.

Similar reports from Musikavanhu constituency in Chipinge district, Buhera Central and Mutare South indicate that corruption continue to shroud the government grain loan scheme as reports of unfair distribution of the much sought after grain escalate.

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