MDC-T Endorses draft constitution

Mainstream MDC has today endorsed the draft Constitution recently concluded by the Parliamentary Select Committee and Management Committee of COPAC.

Douglas Mwonzora
Douglas Mwonzora

Addressing a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Harare today, Douglas Mwonzora, MDC National Spokesperson, said the MDC National Executive was satisfied by most of the provisions in the document.

“The MDC national executive met today to receive a report and consider the draft Constitution concluded by the Parliamentary Select Committee and Management Committee of Copac.

“After extensive deliberations, the executive committee was satisfied that the draft Constitution essentially captures the views of the people of Zimbabwe and represents an incremental gain in the democratization process.”

The Government of National Unity (GNU) is mandated by Article five of the Global Agreement GPA to make a constitution driven by the will of the Zimbabwean people.

A new constitution in Zimbabwe is important as it is going to pave way for an election.

The MDC says it is happy on the question of citizenship by firstly, guaranteeing citizenship to Zimbabweans who were previously denied citizenship and secondly allowing dual citizenship to Zimbabweans by birth.

It also noted the establishment of foundations for strong democratic institutions that include a stronger Parliament to effect checks and balances on the Executive while providing for a strong and accountable President and the creation of independent commissions including the gender commission.

The devolution of power to the provinces, freedom of press and media, the establishment of the National Prosecution Authority and the Constitution Court, an expanded and comprehensive Bill of Rights and provision of comprehensive mechanisms for equal representation of women in Parliament are some positives that impressed the party.

However MDC said there are some issues they wanted to see in the document but will just respect the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

“Although there are some things that the MDC may have wanted included in the Constitution, the MDC respects the will of the people of Zimbabwe and the fact that some aspects of this Constitution had to be negotiated.

“The party resolved that the people of Zimbabwe must be given opportunity to decide on the draft through a referendum,” Mwonzora said.

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