Ncube should fight same corner

EDITOR - In a recent interview with the Sunday Mail, Professor Welshman Ncube, the leader of the smaller MDC, tried in vain to denigrate the President of the larger MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai, who he accused of reneging on the agreement by the political parties that make up the

Professor Welshman Ncube
Professor Welshman Ncube

Government of National Unity to have polling station-based voters’ rolls used in the next election.

Ncube tried hard to give the impression that Tsvangirai backtracks on agreements on the advice of Western politicians. In the process of trying to denigrate Tsvangirai, Ncube actually raised Tsvangirai and his party’s profile by revealing to the nation that they had argued against the polling station-based voters roll.

It was a huge mistake in the first place to agree on having such rolls. This is a Zanu (PF) strategy to influence people’s votes by intimidating voters. The proposal was an attempt to perfect their rigging machinery by blocking voters known to support other parties other than Zanu (PF) from even entering the polling stations. Zanu (PF)’s plan was to set up camps on roads leading to polling stations and prevent known non-Zanu (PF) persons from proceeding. If that was the only polling station where the person could cast their vote, it meant they were not going to vote at all.

The average Zimbabwean would think Ncube has experienced enough of Zanu (PF) practices to ensure that he would fight in the same corner with the larger MDC on this issue. Thank God Tsvangirai and the pro-people MDC carried the day. It would be interesting to know what Ncube thinks about polling station based voters’ rolls now that the real people’s party has thwarted Zanu (PF)’s evil intentions? – Benjamin Chitate, New Zealand

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