New farmers vandalise farm houses

The Zanu (PF) ward 21 Councilor in Shurugwi South constituency, Dennis Chiborise, has castigated resettled farmers for vandalizing several farm houses in the area.

He said this was “disgusting” and “tarnished the image and gains” of the land ‘reform’ programme. Speaking on the sidelines of a farmer’s day recently organized by Agritex, Chiborise revealed that a farm house in Zhaugwe resettlement area was vandalized and left without doors. He said 13 doors had been vandalized and stolen this year. Police had recovered some but no arrests had been made.

A resident who lives near the farm house said that the vandalizing and looting of farming equipment from both Zhaugwe farm house and Adamantia resettlement farm house had been done by local Zanu (PF) leaders and war veterans who invaded the once-productive farms during the land “reform” programme.

Cinderella Farm House in ward 17 Vungu constituency under Gweru District was last month vandalised and a 42 metre security fence was cut and stolen. The Zanu (PF) Youth Chairman and District Youth Officer, Milton Dzvange, said no police report was made.

A visit by this reporter to Adamantia farm revealed that the farm house was in an advanced state of dilapidation, with broken windows, cracked walls, fallen corrugated iron sheets and a vandalized security fence.

A local Agriculture extension officer who is a resident at the farm house, Trynos Tugwi called for investigation into the matter.

Contacted for comment the Midlands Province’s Chief Lands Officer, Joseph Shoko, confirmed having received a number of reports of vandalism cases at farm houses.

“That’s one of the challenges we encounter, especially from those unoccupied A2 farm houses, but we are trying by all means to curb vandalism. All members of farming communities should be warned that those caught vandalizing state property will face full wrath of the law, Shoko said.

He said the farm houses now belonged to the community and the community should decide who to accommodate. He said most communities used such facilities as schools, clinics or police posts.

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