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Whaling shelved

South Korea has abandoned its plans to start whaling again, only two weeks after they announced them. The plan to kill Minke whales sparked international condemnation. They had planned a controversial ‘scientific’ harvest.

Tanker tragedy

More than 100 people who tried to take oil after a tanker overturned in Nigeria have been burnt to death. About 50 more sustained serious burns when the truck caught fire. Hundreds of people have died in similar accidents in recent years.

Killer avalanche

Nine people are dead and nine more injured after an avalanche on Europe’s highest peak bowled over skiers. Avalanches are common on France’s Mount Blanc in the warmer months. Authorities said conditions were good and had not forecast slides.

Counting underway

Counting is underway in Papua New Guinea’s after recent elections. The poll, which has been marred by violence and the charging of a senior politician on bribery, has been held over the last fortnight. Results are expected in 10 days.

Victims reburied

The bodies of 520 recently discovered victims of 1995’s Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia have been reburied on the 17th anniversary of the atrocity. An estimated 8000 Muslim men and boys were killed in what is largely considered genocide.

Syrian massacre

Days after Syrian president committed to a peace plan, 200 people, mainly civilians, were killed on Thursday in the village of Tremseh. Opposition and military forces blame each other for a group of militia for one of the conflict’s deadliest days.

Animal fight

South African animal rights groups have savaged a Nambian plan to gift 148 wild animals to Cuba. While it meets international conventions, campaigners say the $1 million deal will leave the animals stressed and confined for an extended time.

China slows

Softening demand in the Unites States and Europe has been blamed for poor economic growth figures in China. The Asian giant’s economy only grew 7.6 per cent in the second quarter. It is the worst Chinese growth figure in three years.

Romania concerns

The European Union has warned Romania over political threats to the rule of law after the suspension of president Traian Basescu. An EU president met with the country’s prime minister Herman Van Rompuy to express “deep concerns”.

Election contest

The runner-up in Mexico’s presidential election, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has filed a legal challenge to the election result which elected Enrique Pena Nieto. He says the ballots were manipulated and it should be void.

Tighter sanctions

The US has imposed further sanctions on Iran targeting companies helping the country pursue its nuclear program. They are aimed at companies and banks which act as front organisations to evade sanctions. Iran says it’s for peaceful purposes.

Olympic history

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei’s Olympic teams at the London Olympics will include women for the first time. Although they failed to qualify, the Olympic committee gave them special entry. For the first time women from each country will compete.

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