No sense of urgency

Now that SADC has said there is not going to be an election this year nothing seems urgent in Zimbabwe - there appear to be very few politicians in Zimbabwe who want to risk an election and eviction from the gravy train.

The monthly Zimbabwe Action Forum met after the Vigil to discuss what we could do as activists to get change in Zimbabwe. The meeting adopted a cartoon as a symbol for ZAF with the caption ‘The people don’t know their true power . . .’ showing a dictator pontificating at the end of a plank suspended over a precipice – only kept from falling by subservient people standing on the other end of the plank and listening to him.

We were told that some detainees in the UK complained that the Vigil did not help them. We explained that the Vigil was set up to fight human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and was not an organization to help Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the UK.

However the Vigil works very hard to help Vigil supporters who end up in detention and are threatened with deportation. The Vigil is not a charity and the only money we have is from the generosity of people passing by our protest and the sale of some merchandise (shirts, flags and bangles).

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