PM warns uniformed forces

Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai has warned the uniformed forces in the country that he will remove one rotten tomato from the basket and leave good ones alone so that they remain good and abide to their constitutional roles.

Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.
Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

Addressing Civic Society Organizations and Church leaders in Bulawayo today, PM Tsvangirai advised everyone in the country to concentrate on their role in society and desist from mingling in other people's duties and stick to their constitutional roles.

"I will remove one rotten tomato from the basket so that it does not spoil all the tomatoes in the basket and the uniformed forces must stick to their duties and l as a politician l will stick to my constitutional duty to the nation," said the PM Tsvangirai.

Chief Officers in the uniformed force of Zimbabwe have come open on their stance that they will not respect or salute an elected leader of Zimbabwe who has no liberation struggle credentials to rule in Zimbabwe.

The founder of Zanu-PF, Enos Nkala has also backed the uniformed forces alleging that they have the right to say so because most of them participated in the liberation struggle therefore, they cannot give away the country on a silver platter.

"Our uniformed forces took part in the liberation struggle and people must remember that it was also built from two liberation forces from Zapu and Zanla forces and they are not wrong for it was not easy to get independence in Zimbabwe.

"The countries that are calling for regime change are the same countries that fought us to gain our freedom and to me they cannot preach democracy, free, fair and credible elections because l was arrested and detained for Zimbabwe to be free," said Nkala.

CSO and Church leaders in Bulawayo are concerned over the meddling in politics of uniformed forces and they called on the PM to address this issue as Government because they don't want civil war in Zimbabwe for it is uncalled for.

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