Prepare for judgement, alleged rapist tells mourners

A Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament facing a rape charge recently stunned mourners at a funeral wake when he condemned sexual abuse and other forms of violence.

Franko Ndambakuwa, MP for Magunje, condemned political abuses including the rape of minors at the funeral of the late Mbuya Eneresi Pito, a well-known woman in the Magunje community. Ndambakuwa is out on bail on a charge of being intimate with a minor girl who later committed suicide. In an apparent show of remorse, the legislator also warned politicians against violence and abuse of power.

Magunje is one of the areas that, since 2000, has suffered extreme political violence.

“I want to warn those who rape young women, kill or maim their opponents and participate in other forms of human rights abuses as a way to get political office that they will definitely face Judgment Day. The reality is that not all those who you abuse will die; some will remain and you will face them during your last days. It will be mental torture (for you) until you die. (When you die) you will face God on your own, without lawyers and senior politicians,’’ said the MP.

His statements set the congregants talking, with some saying he was referring to his personal experiences.

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