Stand up comedy feud

Stand-up comedian, Edgar Langeveldt, has reacted to Carl Joshua Ncube’s recent comments, saying he is nothing but a bully who wants to use young talent.

This follows the outburst by South African-based Ncube on facebook after a performance at Bang Bang. Langeveldt allegedly called Ncube “a shameless promoter” before going on stage.

Sources who attended the show said this did not go down well with Ncube who later expressed his frustration on Facebook.

Ncube wrote: “Went into comedy coz of legends like Edgar Langeveldt back in the days but eish I just can’t be silent about my disappointment my brother!

At least I still have Michael Kudakwashe to look up to #nuffsaid.”

In an interview with Newsday, Langaveldt, who is often dubbed the Godfather of stand-up comedy, said Ncube was a shameless self-promoter.

“Carl (Ncube) is a shameless self-promoter who went to South Africa claiming that my career was over so he could take the crown for himself. He realized that his career at ZBC was over and now he wants to come here with his marketing and 3D bullshit so that he can rip-off the young talent”, he said.

He added that he would never share the stage with him.

“If he comes to Bang Bang, Chimanimani Art Festival or Simuka Comedy, I will pull out of the show,” he said.

Meanwhile, comedians at the recent Simuka Comedy Anniversary held at the Zimbabwe German Society complained that Ncube turned the anniversary into a one-man show.

“Ncube has to realize the night is not about him and his selfish interests, but a unifying force to create a platform for all comedians,” said one of the comedians.

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