Thanks, Uncle Bob

EDITOR – To most of us Robert Mugabe is regarded as a dictator who has destroyed his country. But, by creating an intolerable country to live in and invest in, by persecuting his own people and doing all kinds of terrible things - he has made it possible for ANY Zimbabwean, of ANY colour to seek political asylum in another country.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

I know of numerous stories of people who left Zimbabwe, who were either not educated or not very rich, but prospered in another country because they were given the opportunity to do so. If you are a Nigerian or a South African – you can’t claim political asylum, but Somalis can and so can Zimbabweans.

That gives them a natural advantage over their African brethren. They can now send money home, get educated and be taken care of by foreign countries – it’s brilliant! Had it not been for Uncle Bob they would have stayed at home and probably suffered unemployment and possibly an early death either from starvation or AIDS. So thanks Uncle Bob – if it wasn’t for your nepotism, stupidity and corruption we would never have had the opportunity to become prosperous. Now we can rebuild Zimbabwe after you have gone and we can see our children prosper. – Paul R. Denton, by email.

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