US determined to continue working with Mozambique

The outgoing United States ambassador to Mozambique, Leslie Rowe, has reaffirmed the determination of the US government to work with Mozambique in various development programmes, thanks to the results the country has been achieving.

Leslie Rowe
Leslie Rowe

Rowe, who has been ambassador since 2009, was speaking to reporters in Maputo on Thursday after an audience at which she bade farewell to Mozambican Prime Minister Aires Ali.

She said they had talked about the development programmes in which the US is involved, such as those financed by the US Millennium Challenge Account.

“Relations are very good and our two countries have made much progress in recent years”, Rowe said. “American support remains very strong”.

Washington was not only committed to education and health programmes, she added, but also to job creation. That was why Maputo had, in April, hosted a conference on commercial and economic interchange, at which some 40 American business people had been present.

The focus of the United States in its relations with Mozambique lies not only in energy and mineral resources, but also in agriculture and tourism which, Rowe said, could create many jobs for both countries.

Rowe also discussed with the Prime Minister the development of Mozambican democracy, the new anti-corruption laws passed by the Mozambican parliament, and the progress achieved by Mozambique in its bid for full membership of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative”.

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