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“Poverty in the midst of plenty” – what do you think about Hwange’s wealth distribution?

• Gordon Markey (@gordythemag): How on earth has this been allowed to happen. You’ve everything in your country, yet the population have nothing?!

Mob justice on the rise – have you seen anyone take the law into their own hands recently?

• Gordon Markey(@gordythemag): Right enough, perfect country…..

We can’t watch our people starving: Tsvangirai – but what is he doing about it??

• Gordon Markey (@gordythemag): Exactly, he’s part of the problem. A once great country importing maize from Zambia. Time to wake up to your horror.

Trevor Chomumwe(@diamond_head): My timeline is a big love-fest between all the journos at the ANC policy conf.

Damian Corbet (@DamianCorbet): Something you may find of interest: the ‘Land Summit’ in London about land grabs in Africa. Look it up online at:

Zanu PF has a delegation at the ANC policy conference, it is led by Jonathan Moyo. Zimbos got any thoughts on this??

• Lionel De Necker(@lioneldenecker): I wonder what we are trying to learn from the ANC.

• Anthony Butler (@butlert59): Is Moyo back with Zanu PF? Can’t keep up!

• Nqaba Matshazi(@nqabamatshazi): He’s been pulling the strings for 4 years now.

WOZA stages demo calling for immediate release of draft constitution. Do you agree with them? Let us know your thoughts

• Lindani Tshuma(@okanduna): I support it with all of myself. It’s a good thing keep it on WOZA. It’s about everybody getting respected.

Barbara Nyagomo(@BarbaraNyagomo): Thankyou for the continued love and support

5 million people still in need of food aid say Crisis – how should Zanu have done the land resettlement?

• Sir Nigel (@SirNige): Let’s not just lay blame on ZANU & land distribution 4 the food crisis in Zim. Could we also include other factors e.g. climate?

Five ZimRights personnel arrested in Karoi – is Zim a police state? Do you feel safe in Zim?

• Lindani Tshuma (@okanduna): Zim is not safe at all. Everybody is not safe in Zim, even the ruling party. ZANU has made itself an enemy to the people, even those who support it. Everybody in Zim doesn’t trust each other

Diplomats tour Marange diamond fields, but do you think they will find anything?

• Michelle Connor(@ConnorMconnor): They will find everything in order. I bet you they will not have 100% access to the whole mine.

Great piece by @Maxwellconsult. What do you think about letting the Chinese build in environmentally protected zones?

• Michelle Connor (@ConnorMconnor): The Chinese belong in China!

Russia to swap gunships for Zimbabwe platinum rights – is this a good deal? Or just support for the army?

• Patience Mtisi (@pmtisi): Now Now this is scary. Why us? Lets start a campaign to stop this. We need FOOD not Guns.

• Lindani Tshuma (@okanduna):Why don’t Zim trade with oil or maize? Why are the only important things to the government the army and guns? It simply means that the government enjoys killing its people. Instead of the government sitting down and figuring out how to run the elections they are busy with guns.

They still exchange guns with the AU and UN. It is clear that the world is falling. Why can some individuals break the rules but get away with it? The big countries don’t care about other people. Russia knows very well that there is no war in Zim; but the government wants to kill innocent people.

If anything or any killings take place Russia must answer or must be prosecuted. If the current government face the law, then all those countries like Russia must be prosecuted too because they supplied the guns.

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