Botswana plans to open diplomatic mission in Maputo

The Botswanan High Commissioner to Mozambique, Gladys Kokorwe, who resides in Harare, announced in Maputo on Monday that Botswana intends to open a diplomatic mission in Mozambique in the near future.

“I have spoken with my government which has agreed to open a mission here in Maputo”, Kokorwe told reporters, shortly after an audience with Mozambican President Armando Guebuza.

“I am pleased to announce that very soon, possibly in September or October, we shall have a permanent mission in Maputo”, she added. The purpose of her visit was to bid farewell to Guebuza, since her term as High Commissioner is coming to an end, and to inform him of Botswana’s intention to open a mission, rather than running its relations with Mozambique from Harare.

“We have signed many agreements”, she said. “There are many projects that are being carried out jointly by Botswana and Mozambique. That’s why my government has decided that we should be present in Mozambique”.

In July 2011, during the state visit by Botswanan President Ian Khama to Mozambique, agreements were signed covering the areas of energy, agriculture, animal health, women’s affairs and social welfare, education, the environment, culture and science and technology.

Among the most important of these projects is the construction of a new deep water port at Techobanine, in Mozambique’s southern most district of Matutuine. The port could be used for Botswanan coal exports, and would be linked to Botswana by a 1,100 kilometre.

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