Census exposes Zanu PF’s allergy to transparency

The MDC dismisses the barbaric and anti-people attitude exhibited by Zanu PF linked State security agents who are disrupting the induction programme of enumerators taking part in this year’s national population census.

The action by the police and soldiers is a deliberate and well-calculated scheme to derail the population census expected to kick off on 17 August until 28 August 2012. This morning for the second day running, armed riot police descended on Harare Girls High and forcefully ordered all enumerators undergoing training there to disperse.

Similar disturbing reports are coming in from all over the country.

The political posturing by these Zanu PF aligned State agents is nothing but an attempt to derail the process that is one of the preludes to the holding of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe next year. It is clear that Zanu PF does not want the process of counting the people of Zimbabwe to go ahead as it will affect their traditional rigging plans when the delimitation exercise for constituency boundaries starts.

The Zanu PF footprints that are showing in the disruptive actions of the State actors are one of the biggest threats to the national interests of the country. The actions have exposed Zanu PF’s inherent allergy to transparency, democratic tenets and the holding of free and fair elections next year.

Zanu PF has once again, shown that it is perennially afraid of any transparent process, thereby, becoming a threat to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and the people of Zimbabwe who are fighting for real change.

The on-going disruptions are a clear indication that Zanu PF is a party consisting of a pot-pourri of self-centred politicians who are working with a common purpose to subvert the democratisation and reform agenda of the country.

The MDC regards the latest attempt to block the population census as part of a great conspiracy which includes Zanu PF’s instigated violent disturbances that are taking place in the countryside.

However, the MDC urges all Zimbabweans to participate freely in this important and historic event when it kicks off next week. We, the people, should be counted in order to determine our future.

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