Constitution serves Zanu: Gwisai

The draft constitution produced by the Constitution Select Committee is doctored to enrich and protect Zanu (PF) politicians, the Director of the International Socialist Organization, Munyaradzi Gwisai, has said.

Munyaradzi Gwisai.
Munyaradzi Gwisai.

It took Copac three years to come up with the draft, which was finally produced in July, as the three political parties haggled over the contents. Gwisai said the draft constitution gave too much power to the president.

In a recent interview with The Zimbabwean, Gwisai said the retention of “an all-powerful” president was not favorable.

“How can we have that clause? It does not matter who will be in power, the point is we do not want an all-powerful executive president,” he said.

Gwisai expressed concern that the draft, which was endorsed by the two MDC formations and rejected by Zanu (PF), failed to address the land issue. The draft makes it clear that compensation for the value of land would only be availed to indigenous Zimbabweans and foreigners protected under bilateral investment treaties. Non-indigenous Zimbabweans, it says, would only be compensated for improvements on the land.

“There is no clause that provides for an audit or addresses unfair ownership patterns of land. There are many politicians with farms that are not utilized, which is unfair. What is going to happen to farm workers and people who were displaced during the land redistribution who have no shelter?” said Gwisai.

He added that there was need for a clause that administers the mining and selling of the country’s minerals as few individuals were benefiting.

“Look at what is happening to our diamonds; they are being looted but why can’t they be used to benefit civil servants?”

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