Future in our hands: Bennett

I need to emphasise in the strongest possible way that our salvation, our future, our nation is in our hands. What we, the people, do now, our children and grandchildren will reap the results. They will either hold us in contempt or with great pride. The plunder of our resources for personal gain across the board with unbelievable corruption and destruction is an outrage. We can all see it.

We all know it is going on—many are part of it, from top to bottom. Many will say they do it to “survive”. Many do it through greed. Regardless of how it is done, it is not acceptable and there is no excuse. We all know the difference between right and wrong. You cannot build a nation and future when all the resources and revenue that should be benefiting the people and the nation are going into the pockets of fat cats, foreigners and greedy pigs. Extortion is extortion; it is a crime.

Protection is also a crime. Getting into bed with ZANU chefs who are mortgaging our future for thirty pieces of silver is wrong, wrong, wrong. It is appeasement and we all know there is never enough once you get into bed with an insatiable animal. Expect to catch a disease and die. We are responsible for choosing our leaders and the leaders must be accountable to the people. We need to get away from the “chef, chef” mentality. Read our party constitution.

We are accountable to the people, we can only make collective decisions that resonate with what they want. We created that constitution together, we set the principles and values which the MDC must stand by—and it is our fault if we allow those values and principles to be hijacked for appeasement of a regime that has totally destroyed our wonderful country. It is an illegitimate regime that has enriched itself on the back of the MDC. It is a regime that is claiming normality, claiming that there are wonderful conditions for investment.

But there is a big ‘PS’ here. You will only get your hands on loot if you are grasp dirty hands, if you join the filthy elite. The appeasers and the greedy, who say they want freedom but have to deal with ZANU to survive, they are ignoring reality. The more you enrich the chefs, the harder it is to remove them, the less they will want to go—and the more they beat, bludgeon and suppress to remain in power. We, the people, need to organise.

We need to structure down to the last plastic shack in the cities and the last grass hut in the country. We need to communicate. We have the power, we control the ‘X’ on the ballot paper. We in the diaspora slave and slog to send monies home to keep our families going and to feed the monster that exploits us. Let’s tell our relatives across the board in CIO, in the military, in the police, in the prisons, everywhere: REGAI KUSHANDISWA. STOP BEING USED. To all and sundry stand firm.

YEKELANI UKUSETSHENZISWA, MANINI LIQINE. TANHETA NGATI MIRE MIRE ZVAKWANA. SINDIWE KODWA ASIMENI NGOKUNJALO. Please my countrymen and women, my brothers and sisters, let’s stand firm, let’s be involved, let’s know we are in charge and responsible for who leads us and for the future of our country and the generations to come. Let’s all do something. Let’s do whatever we can to make change, to get rid of the evil, corrupt, murderous regime. Let’s be proud once again and own the process. Let’s start afresh with a New Zimbabwe, a New Beginning!"

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