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Temple attack

US police say a 40-year-old gunman is responsible for breaking in to a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and opening fire, killing six worshippers on Monday. Police later shot him dead in a fire-fight. The FBI will investigate the case of “domestic terrorism”.

Rover arrives

NASA’s $2.37 billion rover, Curiosity, has arrived safely on the red planet. It took nine months for the six-wheeled machine, about the size of a car, to travel from Earth to Mars. On Monday, NASA streamed its arrival on the internet.

North Korea secures food

The World Food Program will send emergency food aid to North Korea after the secretive state was hit by devastating floods last month. The disaster killed about 170, forced more than 200,000 from their homes and destroyed precious farmland.

Rainbow parade

Gay rights protesters in Vietnam have staged the country’s first gay pride parade. About 100 protesters marched through the streets of Hanoi on Sunday. Organisers say it may signal the regime’s once negative approach to gay issues is softening.

History returned

The British Museum has returned hundreds of archaeological treasure from Afghanistan to the country’s national museum. Most of the 843 artefacts were seized by authorities in the 1990s as they were being smuggled into the country.

Unrest continues

China has defended its resistance to impose UN pressure on Syria, after a motion criticised the Security Council’s handling of the ongoing conflict. The bickering came after fighting escalated in Aleppo and the deadliest month of the unrest.

War avoided

Sudan and South Sudan have agreed on a deal to end disputes over oil payments. Negotiators worked with former South African president Thabo Mbeki to finalise the confidential arrangement which stemmed from their separation last year.

Checkpoint massacre

At least 15 Egyptian soldiers were killed in a blast and gun-fight at an army checkpoint in Sinai. The Israeli Defence Forces blamed a jihad terrorist group. The border crossing was closed and prompted a meeting of Egyptian security officials.

Banker caught-out

A former executive of a state-owned Greek bank has admitted he sent about $10 million of his personal savings to off-shore months before the institution failed. Theodoros Pantalakis said he paid tax on the deal and any denied wrongdoing.

Media attack

At least three people have been wounded after a bomb was detonated on the third floor of a Syrian state television building in Damascus. Broadcasts were not affected. It comes after seven were killed in a June attack at other media offices.

Safety bid

A Honduran radio presenter has filed for protection in the US after threats were made against him and his family. Jose Chinchilla says his son was injured when bullets were fired at his home. About 20 journalists have been killed since 2009.

Crisis over

After months of division, Peter O’Neill has been sworn in as Papua New Guinea’s prime minister after winning recent elections. He retained the position he held after snatching it from his ill predecessor last year, prompting a constitutional crisis.

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