“Jabba” scores and runs

Former Warriors star, Jabulani Ngwenya is said to be dodging his paternal responsibilities.

Siphilisiwe Nkomo, a Bulawayo vendor, recently told The Zimbabwean that she was failing to cope, after the former national team midfielder disappeared from her life.

“The relationship seemed promising when I first met him and when I told him that I was pregnant, he promised to take care of the child,” said the mother of a two-year-old son, whom she claims was fathered by Ngwenya.

“I last saw him a year ago and again, he gave a false promise that he would support his child and gave me an invalid mobile phone number. Some of his friends say he is hiding in Hwange.”

Nkomo (38) and her child survive on the proceeds of vending vegetables and sweets on the streets of Bulawayo.

“I have tried his relatives, but they also claim that they do not have his contacts. What worries me most is that the child still doesn’t have a birth certificate, but his father is out there enjoying himself,” she said.

Ngwenya’s long-time friend, Wisdom Mathe, who confirmed knowing about the child, lambasted the former star for his actions.

“Jabba had a thing going for that woman, but I don’t know why he is now doing this. People must not run away from their responsibilities and I challenge him to be man enough and own up to his actions. He should think about his child’s future and make it good,” fumed Mathe.

“Even if he doesn’t want to support the mother, he must help her get the child’s birth certificate, than just vanish. He has now changed his mobile numbers on me and now I don’t know how to get in touch with him.”

Ngwenya’s family members also confirmed knowledge of the child, but said their hands were tied because he had disappeared. The player, who starred for Amazulu, Njube Sundowns and Hwange before having a brief stint in Albania in 2003, could not be reached for comment.

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