Letters: Let the people decide

EDITOR - In May there was legendary flip flopping in Zanu (PF) circles as the party refused to acknowledge the First draft of the Copac Constitution, claiming that it did not include 27 “parked” issues that they wanted to be included into the draft. To cause more confusion among the people, the party released several “unofficial” drafts in the State media, claiming they were part of the Constitution-making process. Their propagandists claimed the MDC was delaying the who

It was then shocking to see from the Zanu (PF) statements who was delaying elections. Even Mangwana was so ashamed by the antics of his party’s propagandists that he labelled them; “sons of the devil”.

With the final Copac draft now out the same Zanu (PF), which has appended its signature to draft is singing a different tune that it does not agree with what is in the new draft. Two of its most senior politicians, Nicholas Goche and Patrick Chinamasa, were involved from the first negotiations until the final draft was approved. It is therefore scandalous and dishonest for the party to say that they do not agree with what they agreed to.

Zanu (PF) should not be allowed to take the people of Zimbabwe for granted as it has agreed the Copac process. They must wait for the referendum and hear whether the people are in agreement with the draft or not. – Agrippa Zvomuya, Harare

Money transfer hassles

EDITOR – The reason why we send money through informal services is that Banks in South Africa have some very inhibitive and cumbersome conditions to transfer cash home. So to avoid these stupid demands we are forced to risk our hard-earned money by sending it via unreliable and expensive channels. – Thabani, Polokwane

Ziscosteel: what’s happening?

EDITOR – its several months now since His Excellency R.G Mugabe dropped into Redcliff to launch a deal between the Mauritian manufacturing giant and his government. But workers and the community at large, who were expecting a boost to their livelihoods, remain in an unbearable situation.

We are confused and uninformed about what is going on with this deal. It is now more than four months in addition to the previous 13 months without pay but daily going to work. Essar stopped paying the workers in an attempt to pressurise the govt to honour its pledges.

Workers took loans from banks after the launch of the deal – now they can’t afford to repay, they have huge water and electricity bills, can’t afford school fees or rent. Meanwhile ministers fight over control of the deal. We need leaders who sympathise with the masses. Minister of Industry Welshman Ncube please stop politicking and save the plight of workers at the new Zim steel. – Happymore Chidziva , Redcliff

RG’s office is failing

EDITOR – The Registrar General’s office is not doing its mandate of deregistering deceased people.My maternal and paternal grandfathers died in 1984 and2000 respectively, but they are both still in the voters’ roll despite us registering their death& having their death certificates. Civic organisations and government must come up with a voters roll clean-up exercise to deregister the deceased. – Obvious Benhura, Chikomba East

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