MP Jiri installs boreholes

MDC-T Member of Parliament for Chikomba Central, Moses Jiri, channeled part of his $50 000 Constituency Development Fund money into the rehabilitation and installation of 134 boreholes in his constituency.

MP Moses Jiri outside his fuel station.
MP Moses Jiri outside his fuel station.

Most of the rehabilitated boreholes were initially installed by the government-funded District Development Fund and broke down over a decade ago.

“After accessing the CDF, we shared ideas with members from my constituency regarding priority projects, which deserved urgent attention and funding in the best interest of the community. We agreed that water was life and should be given priority.

“To ensure the exercise was carried out to expectation, we used the CDF resources to hire and supply competent contractors for the job. Within a reasonably short space of time, the boreholes had been brought back to life,” said Jiri.

He attributed part of the smooth flow and successful implementation of the projects to unity of purpose among the members of the community.

“We did not face disruptive challenges from our political rivals during the implementation stage of the CDF projects, as the community was predominately MDC and worked as a family.”

Jiri also uses money from the fund to provide poor children with school fees and other educational requirements.

“Provision of education and health facilities is a priority area since children are the future,” he said.

Jiri is a successful businessperson in his own right. He runs a petrol station, mini-supermarket, butcheries at Chivhu Business Centre and various other business enterprises.

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