Mpofu a crook: Cross

The MDC -T Policy Coordinator General, Eddie Cross, accused Mines and Mining Development Minister, Obert Mpofu of using corrupt means to acquire his vast wealth.

Obert Mpofu.
Obert Mpofu.

Addressing MDC youths on Saturday, Cross said it was surprising that Mpofu had managed to acquire so much in such a short space of time when he earns only $800 per month as a cabinet minister. “Mpofu is a crook. His mother is staying in a palace in Burnside. Where has he managed to get money to buy a bank when his salary is only $800?

Where is he getting all the money from?” asked Cross. He also accused Zanu (PF) of destroying the country through looting and grabbing white owed commercial farms. “There are no jobs for the youths because Zanu (PF) has destroyed this country. When I graduated from university in the 60s, I managed to buy a house and a car within six months. Now my son is 45-years-old and he does not own a house or a car,” said Cross.

Since his appointment as a cabinet minister two years ago, Mpofu has been on a property buying spree in Matabeleland. He recently bought the ZABG bank and owns several properties and farms. Mpofu has denied being corrupt insisting that he worked hard to acquire his wealth.

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