New comedy by Chifunyise

Famous playwright Stephen Chifunyise has authored a comic play, November Wedding, centred on climatic change. It will soon be performed at Theatre in the Park.

Stephen Chifunyise: has again shown his genius.
Stephen Chifunyise: has again shown his genius.

The play is based on an imaginary homestead of Zungunde, in a village called Zuva where drought has become persistent and the village seeks the advice of Mbuya Mutoro (a spirit medium)to tell them what has caused it.

Zungunde, a drum maker, wise elder and father of six says the drought was caused by mistakes done during the preparation of the rain-making rites, while his wife argues that strange things happening in the village were responsible.The climax of the play is when Bernard, Son of Zungunde and a meteorologist clashes with Mbuya Mutoro, the village head, he suggests that science was responsible.

As the play unfolds, it exposes the on-going debate between traditionalist views and scientist on issues of climate change. Chifunyise, author of the acclaimed Rituals, has again shown his genius in weaving such a complicated subject in into an entertaining work of art.

The story concludes that many still don’t understand the subject of climatic change. In suspense, the writer effectively uses the force of drama to shift episodes while directing the play to its more revealing conclusion. The cast of seven is caught up in a web of intricacy revolving around weather science, traditional norms and moral excess. It is a play that simply seeks answers.

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