‘Seke Mutema’ hit-maker blasts Kunonga

The ‘Seke Mutema’ hit -maker Noel Marerwa has lashed out at excommunicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga, who has grabbed Anglican Church properties around the country.

Nolbert Kunonga
Nolbert Kunonga

The playwright he has penned a work entitled ‘Tirivangani’, which explores conflicts in religious circles. He drew an example of Nolbert Kunonga’s stance in the Anglican church – describing it as deplorable.

“What Kunonga is doing is very ungodly. How can someone who purports to preach the word of God force the closure of an orphanage?” said Marerwa ,himself an Anglican convert.

The play will to be performed by a group of women from Hopley and will tour universities and colleges around the country.

“These women touched my heart as their talents in performing drama are unparalleled and I thought that they need to be networked so that they can make their mark on the arts scene,” he said.

Marerwa has been involved in theatre projects, including Ganyawu Express, which was banned at the ZBC during Jonathan Moyo’s time as Minister of Information. He has also done ‘Hot Water Bottle’ a one-character play starring Tinopona Katsande of Studio 263.

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