Simuka Comedy: audience in stitches

The trio from Simuka Comedy - Simba, The Comic King, Doc Vickela and Edgar Langeveldt - last week kept audiences in stitches with their jokes about social, economic and social issues.

The Comic King was arguably the star of the show as fans kept on asking him to perform skits from his previous performances. Part of the audience, however, was not amused by some of his seductive dances.

Edgar Langeveldt took a dig at other races such as the Chinese, Indians and Nigerians, even though he did it in a light way. The trio acknowledged the contributions of the audience, promising to polish up their act in the future. “We definitely value the contributions of our fans,” said Doc Vickela after the show.

The creation of Simuka Comedy in June 2011 has led to the establishment of a collaborative group of full-time comedy professionals who are now earning a living by presenting comedy acts at weddings and other social events. But popular comedian “Toropito” was a pale shadow of himself at the recent Simuka Comedy Heroes Special Show. People who gathered at the popular joint did not find him entertaining enough.

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