Time for MDC to forgive: Kamundarira

One of the founder members of the MDC-T and veteran provincial politician, Samuel Kamundarira, has called on party members to forgive each other and direct their energy towards the fight for democracy. He made the call at his 42nd birthday party held over the weekend at Rujeko, a few weeks after the high profile Two Boy Intra-party violence case closed at the local Magistrates Court.

Samuel Kamundarira: we have one common enemy.
Samuel Kamundarira: we have one common enemy.

He was among the accused who were later acquitted due to lack of evidence. “As a true fighter for democracy, I humbly ask those I wronged to forgive me as much as I have forgiven my detractors from the party. I expect every progressive party member to do the same. Teamwork is all about forgiveness and charting the way forward. It is clear to every fighter for democracy that all progressive forces have one common enemy, Zanu (PF). We should spare energy for the final battle to kick out the former ruling party from office through the ballot,” said Kamundarira.

MDC-T Marondera district is presently auditing its structures in preparation for elections. Last week Mashonaland East Provincial Administrator, Cuthbert Ndarukwa, warned councillors against internal disunity. “When you came into office as MDC city fathers, you showed enviable unity of purpose. Now, we are disturbed to note that you have since divided yourselves into camps and are busy betraying each other’s efforts in council. Divisions will only accelerate your downfall,” he said.

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