A little insight into the London's Burning project:

“When people hear the title ‘London’s Burning‘, images of fire engulfing London Bridge or downtown Brixton might come to mind but it actually stands for the burning of the city lights, the hustle and bustle of London.”

Ryan Koriya talks about the title of his upcoming EP which he says is like an antidote for the challenges of modern big-city life. “The songs are like the calm in the middle of the storm for modern day life. You could be living in London, Los Angeles, or even in a smaller city like Edinburgh or a tiny town for that matter, finding time to be still or to relax can be hard to do nowadays.

The EP is something for people to chill out to. I imagine people commuting to work and listening to the track ‘Bruised Fingertips’ which talks about the impersonal daily ritual of catching the London Tube and offers words of comfort that everybody else feels the same as you do. Big cities can be exhausting and feel very lonely. I love the EP cover artwork which is blue not red, as sometimes it can feel like you’ve got the fire you’ve always wished for glowing right in front of you, but you find that it’s burning cold and something’s still missing.”

The track ‘Dark Days’ which is on the new London’s Burning EP is now available to download for free from his official website.

“Having grown up in sunny southern Africa, I struggled with the short winter days in London where it would get dark by 3:30pm and the idea for Dark Days came from that. The story in the song is about a girl who is at the end of an unhealthy relationship where she is now choosing to fly towards sunnier days and leave the darkness behind even though she loved her boyfriend and tried to be a good thing for him.”

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